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 choosing appropriate visuals

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Number of posts : 26
Location : BBA
Job/hobbies : teacher/writing poems and songs
Registration date : 2008-07-21

PostSubject: choosing appropriate visuals   Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:15 am

Language is acquired through various media. The teacher is supposed to be the transmitter, the regulator, the designer and supervisor as well.
How to make language accessible and in the minimum amount of time?
'A picture is worth a thousand words'; it's time and effort saving, and it allows all the learners to take profit equitably and without feeling offended.
A visual aid can be whether a picture, the board, simple drawings, flashcards, charts...etc. of course, in some schools, more sophisticated visuals are provided such as the data-show making goals far easier to reach, but it's fairer to talk about 'our visuals', visuals that all can afford.
Realia, simulation, gestures are all 'means' that no teacher can side-step since language has ‘multi-fold’ functions working all together to shape what is supposed to be 'correct language'.
I do believe that ‘drama’ is one of the best ways of language teaching in that it makes meaning closer and clearer in addition to the relaxing atmosphere which the teacher provides, making the students learn by stealth.
Visuals can also depend on the creativity of the teacher and his/her will to do better.
We can feel to have some potential to do many things but what is worth doing is to exchange ideas, trying to have a look on what the others do and how they would perceive things.
As far as I’m concerned, the visuals I keep using are restricted to pictures, charts, maps, flashcards, books and simulated dialogues (audio-visual to some extent).
I really wish to improve! What do you suggest?
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the teacher

Number of posts : 3
Age : 62
Location : Constantine
Job/hobbies : listening to music
Registration date : 2008-08-25

PostSubject: Re: choosing appropriate visuals   Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:18 pm

Hello, samia
nice to start writing you these lines. I'm new and you are my first contact. I think that your ideas are beautiful and you really want to communicate by choosing that way to teach. But do you receive any real reaction from your pupils? I mean the boys and the girls. don't you think that the method goes only with a certain kind of pupils?
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Number of posts : 26
Location : BBA
Job/hobbies : teacher/writing poems and songs
Registration date : 2008-07-21

PostSubject: Re: choosing appropriate visuals   Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:09 am

First of all, thanks to ‘the teacher’ for replying and inquiring!
Teaching is a very difficult task. The teacher should be an educator first and should love this noble mission which is the basis of any civilisation. The school is the society in miniature and thus the teacher worth his/her salt is the one who knows the importance of the responsibility which is thrown upon his/her shoulders and here it would be important to point to the know-how.
The learner; whatever be his capacities, can perceive and ‘evaluate’ the teacher’s attitude and mastery vis-à-vis the subject matter he is supposed to teach. Here lies the first criterion on the basis of which the learner ‘decides’ whether the taught subject is worth learning or not. The pupil at earlier stages starts by having a certain impression and feeling towards the teacher then the taught subject. Here, I want to focus on the relationship between the teacher and the pupil, which should, of course, be based on love and respect.
Now, whether all the efforts may or not be productive would drive us to many other issues that may not be always within the reach of the educator.
It’s so difficult to achieve the set objectives and I sincerely admit that the results are never in proportion to the efforts done by the teacher; however, we clearly notice the difference between the amounts of knowledge pupils of different teachers may have.
The teacher is supposed to make the pupil discover him/herself through many a way to set forth the innate capacities the child may have.
Once again, I don’t claim to have the philosopher’s stone turning imperfect to perfect. As all teachers I do believe that not all the pupils take profit from what we do; it’s so disappointing to face the poor results of the pupils after a given test but at least the one would feel to have tried to do something. Things would be better if those who should hear will hear us one day.
Waiting that Day to heave in sight …WAIT AND SEE!
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PostSubject: Re: choosing appropriate visuals   

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choosing appropriate visuals
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